Medical Treatment Questions

What I Should Do If I Have Been Injured in an Accident?

Report it to the appropriate authority and seek medical care. We also suggest you review the Five Important Steps link, here.

Why do I need a lawyer if I get injured?

The other side hires professionals and you should, too. Injuries are complicated. Communicating with the responsible party or their insurance company is time consuming and stressful. Let a professional take on the professionals on the other side. Our first consultation is free. We don’t often handle cases that require a monetary retainer, and if there is no monetary recovery at the end of your case, there is no fee.

I went to the Emergency Room and they told me I was ok, but I am still in pain. Is the X-Ray they took enough to show if I’m hurt?

X-rays will show some types of injury, but it doesn’t show many other types of injury. An X-ray alone may be insufficient to determine the extent of your injuries.

My health insurance is telling me my auto accident injury is not covered. What should I do?

Acquire a copy of both your health insurance policy and your automobile insurance policy. The policies should state clearly when their coverage does and does not apply. Then, contact our office. The first consultation is always free.

I must go to a Compulsory Medical Exam. What should I expect?

If you go to a Compulsory Medical Exam, there are several things that you should expect, including:

  • asked to give a complete medical history, including any prior injuries
  • asked how the injury occurred
  • asked what areas of your body were injured in the accident
  • asked your primary symptoms
  • asked where you are experiencing pain
  • asked if there are movements or activities that cause you pain
  • asked if there has been any treatment or medication that makes you feel better
  • asked if any of your activities have been affected or limited

During the exam, AVOID the following:

  • providing information they didn’t ask for
  • telling them about who is at fault in the accident
  • discussing how much you expect to receive from the settlement of your case
  • allowing the doctor to take any X-rays or other diagnostic tests you think are unnecessary
  • taking any written or psychological tests unless you knew ahead of time
  • Don’t go to any other doctors or providers without your attorney’s prior approval