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If you have been injured in an accident you have rights. Facing a personal injury is complicated. Not only do you need to consider your legal rights, but most likely you have medical needs and other issues that are a result of your injury. The Law Office of Stewart M. Cowan is experienced in helping clients with personal injury cases.

We handle personal injury cases of all kinds, including:

Knowing what to do after a personal injury case can be confusing. You may be dealing with multiple insurance companies and facing medical costs. You need to know your rights.

Talking to us is the first step in making sure you get the care you need and that your rights are protected. Trying to resolve a personal injury case without an attorney can be complicated, and you may not receive the care and compensation you deserve.

The damages you may be able to recover can include the cost of your medical care after the injury, the loss of employment wages, the loss of future earning capacity and the pain and suffering you experienced because of the injury.

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